Required Documents

A complete application package requires the documents listed below.

The documents required at the signature stage depend on the type of funding you are applying for. To avoid delays, please ensure that you include the necessary documents. Some funding opportunities may require additional documents; please see Agency-Specific Procedures for details.

DocumentOperating Equipment Infrastructure Planning/Workshop TravelTrainee awardFaculty Salary Award
Research Project Information FormYYY
FoM Request for Dean’s Approval Form  Y
Dean’s letter*  Y
Department Head/School Director’s letter*  Y
Agency application*YYY
Agency signature page(s)*YYY
Summary of proposalYYY
Budget & justificationY  Y
Letters of support*YYY

*if applicable

Funding Types

Operating: Funds requested are used to support a research project, hire staff, purchase equipment & supplies for the project.

Equipment: Funds requested are used to purchase, rent, develop, and/or run equipment.

Infrastructure: funds are used for equipment, buildings, labs & databases required to conduct research.

Planning/Workshop: Funds requested are used for research proposal planning and research team development.

Travel: Funds requested are used to cover travel & living expenses: to conferences, for research projects, exchange projects, cross-cultural collaborative projects, etc.

Trainee Award: Funds requested are used for the salary & benefits of a graduate/undergraduate student or postdoctoral fellow at UBC or UBC Affiliated Institution.

Faculty Salary Award: Funds requested are used for the salary & benefits of a researcher with a UBC faculty appointment.


  • Research Project Information Form
    The Research Project Information Form is required for all grant applications.
  • FoM Request for Dean’s Approval Form
    This form demonstrates Departmental or School support for the applicant and that the proper requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Dean’s letter of support
    1. This letter may be asked to describe the nature of the applicant’s appointment, and the institution’s commitment to supporting the applicant.
    2. Drafted by the applicant, and approved by Department Head/School Director.
    3. If this letter is required by the granting agency, the applicant must provide a draft letter to be sent by email to Evelina Tolstykh, Research Awards & Funding Officer ( directly from the Department Head or School Director (or their Assistant/Administrator). This is to ensure that the Head/Director is aware of the contents of the letter. We will arrange to have the letter prepared for the Dean’s signature. When the application package is brought to the Dean’s Office for signatures, the letter will be added to the package and submitted to the Dean for approval and signature.
  • Department Head/School Director’s letter of support
    1. Complete as per agency requirements – often requires a description of the applicant’s appointment and the resources available to the applicant.
    2. This letter is also typically drafted by the applicant, and reviewed/signed by the Department Head or School Director.
  • Agency application
    The agency application will typically include details such as who is applying, details regarding the funding opportunity, certification requirements, etc.
  • Agency signature page(s)
    The agency application itself may require signatures from the applicant, co-applicants, unit heads, etc.
  • Summary of proposal
    A short summary (typically 1-page in length) of the research proposal is sufficient; we do not need a copy of the entire full research proposal.
  • Budget & justification
    A breakdown of the funds being requested, and the justification for requesting them.
  • Letters of support
    Letters of support from partners, collaborators, etc.