Distinguished University Scholar

VP Research & International has launched the call for the Distinguished University Scholar Program. This program recognizes exceptional members of faculty who have distinguished themselves as scholars in research and/or teaching and learning, or who have the potential to demonstrate such leadership.

DUS awardees receive an annual salary stipend of $20,000 and a one-time research allowance of $20,000. The appointment is a five-year term, renewable once. Up to 10 Distinguished University Scholars are expected to be named in the 2016 competition cycle.

This program is intended to aid in the retention of faculty, and also provide a step towards significant external prizes and awards. It is especially, but not exclusively, aimed at faculty in the humanities, social sciences, and creative and performing arts. This emphasis is intended to help balance the impact of the Canada Research Chairs program, which has disproportionately benefited the medical, natural and physical sciences, both in retention and in recruitment*.

* Over the past 3 competitions, there have been 55 DUS awardees and 6 awards have been held within the Faculty of Medicine. Therefore, the Faculty of Medicine is seeking its strongest 3 candidates to be nominated for this award.

FoM Preliminary Nomination Selection Package:

To ensure FoM’s strongest possible candidates are put forward to the VPRI Office, the Executive Associate Dean Research (EADR) Office, is seeking candidates that would be competitive for this award. Preliminary nominations must be sent directly to the EADR Office ( by 5pm on Monday, December 5th, 2016. Preliminary nominations should include the following in a single PDF file* with the nominee’s name and Faculty in the top header:

  • A brief description prepared by the nominee describing her or his current work and in particular her or his scholarly plans for the next five years (max. 2 pages)
  • The nominee's current CV. (CCV is acceptable)
  • Three letters of reference from arms-length referees commenting on the scholarly excellence of the nominee. Promotion and Tenure (PAT) letters should not be used. A brief description of the referee is essential.
  • A draft letter, on behalf of the Dean, with rationale for the nomination, and a particular mention of instances where the nomination is put forward as a retention priority (max. 1 page)
  • A short description of the international stature of journals or publishers in the nominee’s field (not mandatory)

*Please use the following file naming convention: LASTNAME_FIRSTINITIALS – FoMDUS2016.pdf.

Next Steps:

  • An FoM internal review panel will review the preliminary applications and invite 3 nominees to complete applications
  • On behalf of the Dean, the FoM Office of the Executive Associate Dean will submit the finalized application packages to VPRI.
  • The VPRI Office will review, adjudicate and announce results in January of 2017.