Managing & Developing Faculty

​​Information, tools and resources you will need to for the day-to-day management and professional development of faculty members.

Appointments & Reappointments

​Find appointment types, and procedures, forms, templates & checklists for appointments and reappointments.

​​Promotion & Tenure

Find guides, checklists and templates to manage the promotion & tenure process.

Leaves & Vacations

Information about paid and unpaid leaves, attendance & vacation.

Benefits & Compensation

​Information about UBC’s total compensation – salary, payroll, benefits, honoraria and perks.

​​Career & Professional Development

Courses, workshops and resources for career & professional development.

Awards & Recognition

Information and tools to assist in nominating faculty members for awards and distinctions.

Working Environment

Resources to support a safe and healthy work environment, including faculty equity & professionalism services, and reporting accidents/incidents.


Managing the leaving process, including retirement, resignation and termination.