Managing the leaving process, including retirement, resignation and termination.


Individuals planning or intending to resign from their current position should ensure that notice well in advance of the intended resignation date is provided to the University. Faculty members who are members of the Faculty Association should be mindful of the required notice period.

Resignations should be made in writing to the responsible Head, Director, or Dean indicating the effective date of resignation. Please refer to the Departure Form to help ensure a smooth transition from UBC for your faculty member.

It should be noted that any unused vacation must be taken within the period of appointment; unused vacation time is not paid out.


If a faculty member wishes to retire, s/he must give written notice of retirement to their Head of Academic Unit well in advance of their intended retirement date.

Please note that faculty members are expected to retire on June 30th or December 31st. Please be mindful of the notice period  required and of what needs to be considered when a faculty member leaves UBC.

There is also information about post-retirement such as ongoing privileges, emeritus status and post-retirement appointments that can be helpful in discussing retirement options with a faculty member:   


Anyone considering the termination of a faculty member should contact the Executive Director, Faculty Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine as soon as possible.