Learn more about the role of Faculty Affairs. 

Top 10 Services

  1. Dean’s direct support 
  2. Dean’s office administration & HR 
  3. FoM HR data collection & reporting 
  4. FoM governance 
  5. Faculty & staff recognition 
  6. FoM orientation 
  7. Academic leader recruitment & reviews
  8. External reviews of FoM units
  9. Faculty recruitment & appointments
  10. Faculty promotion & tenure

Visit the HR, Administrative & Governing Bodies and Polices & Guidelines sections of MedNet for more information.

Organizational Chart & Contact List by Unit

To see the structure of the Faculty Affairs Team visit:

Faculty Affairs HR Organizational Chart

Faculty Affairs Contact List with Portfolio Breakdown

Faculty Affairs Contacts

Amy Tsang
Senior Manager, Faculty HR

Manager, Faculty Recruitments, Appointments & Honorifics

Susan Jackson
Manager, Faculty HR

Tammy Louis 
Manager, Faculty HR

Svetlana Perry
Assistant Manager, Faculty HR

Fern Moran
Acting Assistant, Faculty HR

Ginny Mak
Assistant Manager, Organizational Development

Wesley Hogan
Governance & Recognition Assistant

Aneri Dalal
Assistant Faculty HR (on leave)

Sandy Liu
Director, Human Resources

June Bros
Executive Coordinator to Managing Director, Shanda Jordan Gaetz

Anne Tomkins
Administrator Coordinator, Executive Team Support

Jane Zhang
Manager, Faculty HR

Alyssa Piperni
Acting Manager, Faculty HR

Andie Sha
Assistant Manager, Faculty HR
604 827-4952

Yichen Zhang
Assistant Manager, Searches and Reviews
604 822 9639

Nicole Bell
Acting Assistant Manager, Searches and Reviews

Aleksandra Bjelica
Acting Admin Assistant, Searches and Reviews

Human Resources Contacts

Margarita Reyes
HR Manager, Client Services
604 822-9365

Jessy Lee
HR Coordinator, Client Services

Natalia Kerechanyn
HR Assistant, Client Services

Anny Moon
Assistant Manager, HR (on leave)
604 822-7386

Josebelle Cruz
Assistant HR Manager, VDE (on leave)
604 822-9435

Christine Speers
HR Manager

Amanda Gamache
Acting Assistant Manager, HR, VDE

Mikaila Hui
Acting Assistant Manager, HR

HR Assistant, VDE