Getting Started

How to select the correct appoint type and get started on the recruitment process by rank. 

Recruitment Guide

The FoM Guide Faculty Recruitment (updated April 2023) provides helpful information on the faculty recruitment process as you navigate through the recruitment process, especially on the importance and relevance of equity, diversity, and inclusion to the recruitment process. The guide can be used as a reference for tenure-stream and partner-stream recruitments as well as for term appointments (both paid and unpaid).

Appointments Types 

View the FoM Faculty Appointment Matrix (updated January 2024) for an overall view of the faculty appointment types available within the Faculty of Medicine. This matrix was created to help you choose the most appropriate type faculty appointment for your Department or School, as well as highlight the benefits and requirements of each rank. Please also see the following information on specific appointment types:

Research Staff

Before getting started, review the Research Staff Matrix for Principal Investigators to select the most appropriate type of appointment for your research team.

Full-Time Tenure Stream Faculty Members 

The following templates and guidelines provide Administrators with a list of forms, samples and related policies associated with the recruitment of full- time academic faculty members. If you are looking for one of UBC’s standard forms, please check the Human Resources website.

  • Because these faculty positions are employees, the positions themselves must be advertised and provided with an offer of employment from the University.   
  • A request to commence recruitment begins with the development of the advertisement/ posting. 
  • Complete the FoM Recruitment Planner – Dec 2022: An internal (to Medicine) form that summarizes the details associated with recruitment (financial, space requirements, UBC rank, etc.)
  • After approval from the Dean’s Office via the Planning and Priorities Subcommittee, it is then sent on to the Office of the VP Academic & Provost for final approval.  Once approval is confirmed by the Provost’s Office, the department is notified that the advertisement can be placed.
  • Refer to (Template) Guaranteed Commitment Letter/Agreement guaranteeing financial and other commitments (from an agency external to UBC).
  • Refer to Full-Time Tenure Stream Faculty page

Full-Time BCCA Grant Tenure Track 

  • If a faculty member is an employee of the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) and wishes to hold a UBC full-time academic appointment in the Faculty of Medicine, the appointment may be governed by the agreement with the BC Cancer Agency (August 2001). Please contact your Faculty Appointment & Recruitment Management team representative for more information. 

Full-Time Partner Track  

External Salary Awards

  • Department Heads/School Directors intending to submit applications for external salary awards on behalf of individuals who do NOT currently hold an existing Faculty of Medicine (FOM) full-time professorial appointment (tenure, grant tenure and partner track appointments) must first identify the need for this position and will still be required to follow the FOM recruitment procedures for such appointments.
  • External Salary Award Guidelines