The intention of Faculty Mentoring is to enhance lifelong professional development in teaching, scholarship, and service. Successful mentors will support and challenge their mentees throughout their careers in the areas of administration, clinical, teaching and research.

The mentoring relationships will support collegiality, effective communication, self-evaluation, and cultural competence, all of which enhance a stimulating and supportive university environment. Faculty members will have a supportive relationship with (an) established mentor(s) throughout the years of their career at UBC.

This framework is meant to provide Departments/Schools/Centres with some guidelines to formulate a structured mentoring program within their own respective areas. It is a structured process for assigning or deciding upon mentor-mentee pairings and provides a set of principles, guidelines, expectations, tools and resources for the mentoring relationship. There are also different types of mentoring models identified for consideration.

Participants in a mentoring program will have the opportunity to form practical and meaningful professional relationships.

Some Departments/Schools may already have a formal mentoring program in place. Please contact your Department Head/School Director or Administrator for information and details.


Full Framework Guide – pdf version of the guide and resources listed on these pages.