Getting Started & Resources

Find information, resources and tasks to help guide your way through the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) upon your arrival. While this page is meant as a guide for all FoM faculty and staff, it is understood that each office is unique. Please be sure to follow the established procedures within your office.

Getting Started

  • Download the New Employee Checklist to keep track of what you’ve covered.
  • Review the UBC Workplace Safety Orientation with your manager and make arrrangements to complete any necessary coures.
  • Complete the workplace bullying and harassment training and submit the completion certificate to the HR Coordinator in your department.
    “Toward a Respectful Workplace – Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying & Harassment”, a 15 – 20 minute online video session is at:
  • Before your Faculty of Medicine and UBC computer accounts are set up, please review the “IT Responsible Use Guidelines” with your manager and sign the “IT Usage Agreement” form. Return the signed form to your hiring manager; it will be kept in your HR employee record.
  • Create your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) ID to access UBC’s online applications including Workday and FASmail. You must know your UBC employee number and CWL PIN code, both of which should have been sent to you. If you don’t know or have not received them, please contact your unit HR administrator.
  • After your CWL ID is activated, please contact your IT support group to have your UBC FASmail (e-mail) account created. Email signatures must conform to university guidelines.
  • Your office administrator will e-mail your phone voicemail PIN to you. Please change the password and record an appropriate greeting/message.

Around the office

Useful Information

  • Please review applicable forms and guidelines for your location: For Staff ; For Faculty/Senior Leaders.
  • Please also be aware of UBC’s policies and guidelines.
  • If your duties include the use of other FoM/UBC systems (e.g. HRMSFMS), please complete the access forms.
  • Please contact the office coordinator or administrator, or your department assistant to order office supplies and have a mail slot assigned.
  • Your office administrator can also help with key requisition forms, alarm codes, and phone issues.
  • Please ask your manager or director about ordering business cards.
  • Read a list of commonly-used abbreviations and what they mean


MedNet is your one-stop shop for the Faculty information, forms, procedures, services, contacts and how-to’s.

As you begin to use MedNet, you will find up-to-date resources all in one centralized, easy to find location related to: HR, Finance, Purchasing, Communications, Facilities, and IT.

For example find forms and procedures for:

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