Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions

Clinical Faculty are practicing health professionals licensed or certified by their respective professional organizations.


  • Clinical Instructor
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • Clinical Professor


Clinical faculty are:

  • Part-time faculty appointments in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and in the School of Nursing for those who have some special professional skill or learning of value to the University but who are primarily engaged in the practice of their professions outside the University;
  • Allocated clinical teaching duties, for which they would normally be considered as an independent contractor, i.e. they are an appointee (but not an employee) of the University;
  • Occasionally perform an administrative role for the University, which would normally require them to be an employee of the University;
  • Not members of the Faculty Association.

Clinical faculty are not normally UBC employees for the purposes of their clinical teaching, and as such a formal advertisement or recruitment process is not undertaken. However, the individual would normally be given a UBC faculty appointment for the purposes of their clinical teaching, and would receive a letter of offer (see below) confirming the terms (title/rank, start and end dates, salary) of their UBC appointment. As independent contractors, clinical faculty providing clinical teaching are not eligible for UBC health benefits.

Clinical faculty members are appointed to one of the ranks above for a term, and are eligible to work towards promotion to a more senior rank. Promotion occurs according to a review schedule and appointments Faculty Relations information on clinical faculty appointments are reviewed by either a separate clinical faculty appointments committee or a joint committee (i.e. both academic and clinical faculty appointments are considered by one committee).



Compensation Terms:

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Workday Job Aids:

  • You can find the following job aids related to Clinical Faculty Appointments via FoM Workday Teamsite. To request access to the OneDrive folder, please contact Aneri Dalal.
    • Create Position – Clinical Instructor
    • Direct Hire – Clinical Instructor
    • Change Job – Clinical Faculty Reappointment
    • Change Job – Clinical Promotion

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