Other Mentoring Programs

Find information on other mentoring programs in the Faculty of Medicine

Coaching and Mentoring Program

UBC Rural CPD’s Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) fosters peer connections in rural practitioner networks to improve your practice, increase your confidence, and connect you to rural colleagues.

Peer support can take many forms, from an occasional phone call with a mentor to a site visit to shadow a specialist as they perform procedures you don’t see often in your town. CAMP connects you with personalized, just-in-time support in whatever form works best for you.

Mentor/coaches provide support in a wide variety of areas including transitions in practice, emergency medicine, palliative care, Indigenous patient care, personal wellness and more.

Clinical Faculty Mentoring Program

The Clinical Faculty Mentoring Pilot Program, a partnership between the Offices of Faculty Affairs, Clinical Faculty Affairs and UBC CPD, provides mentorship to support the career goals of UBC Faculty of Medicine clinical faculty in the areas of administration, clinical and research settings. This structured peer mentoring program is designed to support clinical faculty navigate through the UBC Faculty of Medicine by pairing senior clinical faculty (mentors) with junior clinical faculty (mentees) in the areas of teaching, administration and research. Mentors and mentees will engage in learner driven professional development sessions over the 8-month duration of the program. Participants in this program will also have the opportunity to form practical and meaningful professional relationships.