Identifying A Mentor

The Faculty’s staff mentorship working group will review each submission and pair mentors and mentees based on skills, experience, and what they hope to get from the program while keeping in mind equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Deciding on your mentor could be based on the mentoring topics you want to focus on. Here are some possible areas:

Finance/Supply ManagementHuman Resources
Career Pathing and Leadership DevelopmentWomen in Leadership
Conflict ResolutionPerformance Management

We would like to find a match for everyone who applies to the program, but it is dependent on the number of applications we receive. If we are not able to successfully match you for this year’s intake, we will let you know via email. For the 2023 program, our goal is to match 10-15 pairs.

While we strive to match mentors and mentees to the best of our knowledge, sometimes it is not a right fit. If you are uncomfortable with your ‘match’, you are welcome to raise this with Christine Speers, Organizational Development Manager, or Sandy Liu, Director, HR. Confidentiality will be maintained.