Who can join?

The program is available to any UBC staff working in the Faculty of Medicine who has either an ongoing appointment or a term appointment of 12 months or more. Please refer to Commitment to Program.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, telephone, and other technologies bring us together, so don’t worry about where you’re located. Regardless of your campus or work site, you can participate.

Who can be a mentor?

Everyone can be a mentor.

A mentor is a guide who helps pave the way for others to succeed. The role of a mentor is to encourage, and support your mentee, contributing to their development through thoughtful conversation, consultation and guidance. A mentor must be willing to share their experiences and support the creation of space for reflection. A mentor does not have to hold a certain position or have attained a certain level of seniority.


Who can be a mentee?

Everyone can be a mentee.

As a university we encourage lifelong learning, so everyone is encouraged to sign up as a mentee. An array of people can act as a mentor to help you gain new insights, knowledge and skill sets that can broaden your career opportunities and personal networks for advancement. As a mentee, with the support of a mentor, you will tackle short and long-term goals, navigate challenges, and accelerate your professional growth.