Information for Candidates

​​​Here are some tools to assist you in presenting the best possible case for success.

  1. We strongly recommend that you review the  SAC Guide to Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Procedures at UBC (Updated July 2018). In particular, review Section 2 (About the Process), 3 (The Criteria) and 4 (Information for the Candidate).

  2. The Guide includes appendices regarding Teaching Evidence and an Annotated CV.  Please utilize to the Faculty of Medicine Annotated CV for the Professoriate Stream (rev June 2016) an​d the Annotated CV for the Educa​tional Leadership Stream (rev June 2016).  Please also refer to the FoM Elements of a Teaching Dossier for Candidates (rev June 2013).

  3. CV Addendum (rev Feb 2014) can be added to your dossier up to the stage of the President's decision.  A CV Addendum should include new, unsolicited information and be sent to the Head if the review is still at the Department level or to the Dean if the review has progressed beyond the Dep​artment.