Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an enterprise wide collaboration tool offered under UBCIT’s Collaboration Suite. For Faculty of Medicine administrative users, it offers web and videoconferencing from your desktop. An initial rollout of Skype for Business is underway as part of the Next Generation Virtual Collaboration (NextGenVC) project.

Quick Start Guide


Skype for Business offers flexible ways and convenient ways to meet from your desktop via:

  • Real-time communication: Instant Messaging (IM) facilitates an immediate, continued exchange - less intrusive than a phone call but more immediate than email.  
  • User Availability: Users can indicate if they are available, busy, away, or offline, with an option to set their current location.
  • Virtual one-on-one meetings and group meetings: Conduct meetings without scheduling a physical meeting space. 
  • Joining a Faculty of Medicine bridge meeting: dial in through Skype for Business from your desk. 
  • Invite non-Skype users to join meetings: External users can now join a virtual meeting through their web browser.

Learn more about UBC IT’s Collaboration Suite.

How to Join a Skype for Business Meeting:

Please visit our Quick Start Guide - How to Join a Faculty of Medicine VC Bridge Meeting section for detailed instructions.

When you are invited to a Skype for Business Meeting, your meeting invitation will display the following text:

Skype Meeting Invitation.PNG
 If you have Skype for Business installed and set-up on your computer, clicking "Join Skype Meeting" will open the application and connect you to the meeting.

If you do not have Skype for Business, clicking "Join Skype Meeting" will direct you to a web page, where you can follow some simple directions to install a necessary plugin:

Skype for Business Web App.PNG

For best results, participants should use a headset with microphone, videocamera and wired internet connection.

Request Skype for Business:

A request- based system managed by UBCIT will be available in early 2018 to individually request accounts. Please contact for the current status of requests or to register your interest.

Where Can I Get Help Using Skype for Business?

Visit the Quick Start Guide to help you get set up quickly and easily.

If you need immediate help with Skype for Business, contact the MedIT Service Desk for immediate assistance:

Phone: 1.877.266.0666



What You’ll Need


We recommend you follow these guidelines when selecting a microphone for desktop video conferencing:

  • USB headset with in-line controls.
  • Dedicated microphone boom-arm.
  • Noise-Cancellation technology.

Both the Jabra UC Voice 750 MS and Logitech USB Headset H390 meet our guidelines for desktop video conferencing microphone. Note that some cameras have built-in microphones.


Desktop videoconferencing users should use a webcam that has been tested by MedIT (USB options are recommended for ease of use). We recommend you follow these guidelines when selecting a webcam for desktop video conferencing:

  • 720p or higher
  • Dedicated UBC webcam

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam (C920) meets our guidelines for desktop video conferencing webcams.

For more information, see Movi’s list of technical requirements.

How to Order

If you need to obtain a headset and/or webcam, please contact your usual equipment procurement support group. Applicants with Faculty of Medicine computers can order equipment using the Hardware & Software Order Form.

Call the MedIT Service Desk at 1-877-266-0666 with any additionally questions regarding Desktop VC equipment.


If you still have questions please visit the FAQs.