Can I add my Health Authority contacts who already have Skype for Business?

We're working on connecting ("federating") Skype for Business with the Health Authorities and other affiliated organizations that use it, however each organization will have its own rollout timeline. To add federated contacts, enter their full e-mail address in the contact search field and add the contact directly to your list in order to Skype with them.

You can use Skype Web App (from an Outlook meeting invitation) or the Web Browser ( and five digit FoM Bridge ID as alternative.

Please contact the MedIT Service Desk at or call 1-877-266-0666 to check the status of federation with various organizations.

Why isn't my Skype for Business meeting Web App working at my Health Authority site?

Sometimes Health Authority firewalls prevent the installation of third party applications or web plugins on Health Authority computers.

What is the difference between the Web Browser tool and Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a desktop application that needs to be provisioned and installed before it can be used. It is going to be provisioned to a specific group of users who need it to conduct virtual meetings without a room.

The Web Browser is open to all VC users without passwords. It simply requires a headset and camera, web browser (Chrome is recommended) and an internet connection (best results over wired, rather than wi-fi). It enables participants to connect to meetings that have an existing bridge ID, provided in the meeting invitation.

When choosing between both programs to join a FoM bridge meeting (if both options are available to you), it will be up to the user’s preference as both platforms will offer the same functionality.

Can I set up a delegate to schedule Skype for Business meetings on behalf of my account?

Yes, this is possible and requires some coordination with our service desk. If you manage a generic inbox to delegate meetings, a separate Skype for Business account will need to be set up. If you are delegating meetings within your own personal inbox, instructions can be found here.

Please contact MedIT Service Desk to get started on this process at