Social Media

​​​​Find guidelines and resources for using social media.


The term social media describes media that is designed to be disseminated through social interaction, and is created using highly accessible publishing techniques. Some types of social media are forums, message boards, blogs, wikis and podcasts. Social media applications include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 

Social Media Guidelines

The UBC Communications & Marketing department has outlined a social media toolkit for the university:  


Before getting started with social media, define your strategy. This includes defining objectives, identifying your target audience, ensuring availability of ongoing time and resources to manage social media, planning for content, and choosing the right social media channel.

Watch this training video from UBC before getting started. 

Faculty of Medicine Social Media Sites

Social media sites that you can follow and/or contribute to in the Faculty of Medicine include:

How to contribute

Faculty of Medicine

If you would like to contribute content to our Faculty's social media, email

UBC StoryBox

Do you have a story you'd like shared on or UBC's main social media channels? Find out more about submitting stories through StoryBox.

UBC Blogs 

Want to start your own blog? UBC Blogs is a university-hosted weblogging and social networking platform designed to provide free individual or group webspace for the UBC community. More information is available on the UBC Blogs site.

UBC Wiki

The UBC Wiki is a collaborative space for creating and sharing resources, be it for teaching and learning, research, or community engagement. It serves as a course repository, a personal and collaborative work space, a documentation depository, and a growing guide to everything and anything UBC. More information is available on the UBC Wiki site.

UBC Social Media Directory

Faculty and staff are invited to help update a series of pages listing social media channels in the UBC Wiki. This information will be used as a baseline source of content to help inform the creation of a more visible UBC Social Media Directory.