This section provides information about UBC’s and the Faculty of Medicine’s websites, how to adopt the UBC common look and feel website template, and contact information for new website requests and WordPress training.

How to Request a Website

UBC provides a hosted content management system (CMS) based on WordPress via the Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT). It is easy to use, centrally supported, and free for Faculties and units. The Faculty's website is hosted on the CTLT WordPress platform.

The Faculty encourages and supports WordPress CMS as a web publishing platform for all Faculty related sites. Advantages include: 

  • Easy to use — site maintainers can concentrate on content rather than technical support and maintenance;
  • Allows more functionality for websites;
  • Automatically syndicates web content as RSS feeds which allows sharing of information and single source management;
  • The UBC CLF comes pre-installed and out-of-the-box; and
  • Allows Communications and Marketing the ability to easily roll out and widely distribute updates, patches, bug fixes, and new features for the CLF.
To request a website:  Please complete our website request form or email Communications. For more information, visit

WordPress Training

In Class

  • WordPress and Writing for the Web training is provided by the Faculty of Medicine Communications Team on the third Wednesday of every month from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm in Room 045C in the Henry Angus Building (Sauder School of Business). Please sign-up online to attend a session.
  • The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) offers regular one-on-one WordPress Clinics on Mondays and Thursdays from 1 to 3 pm in the Resources Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Please sign-up online to attend a clinic.


Writing for the Web

As is true for other media, writing effectively for the web has its own set of rules and conventions. Click here for tips and resources about writing for the web.  Writing for the Web is also covered in our monthly WordPress training sessions.

Web Images Basics

Read about tips and best practices for using images on your website, including image size and what file type to use.

Common Look and Feel

UBC launched a new common look and feel (CLF) template that is to be applied to all UBC websites in September 2009.  Essentially, it amounts to a new header, footer and background that appear on every page of the site. The header includes buttons for visitors to obtain more information about UBC, and an enhanced search engine that can return results for just your site or all of UBC.

Note: UBC is launching an updated responsive CLF design beginning Fall 2012. More information regarding implementation of the new CLF across Faculty of Medicine websites will be available later this year.


The UBC CLF initiative is administered by UBC Communications & Marketing and addresses some important goals regarding the overall quality and functionality of UBC websites:

  • ensuring that HTML code meets appropriate standards
  • allowing users to navigate easily from one UBC site to another
  • providing some consistency in user interface elements across UBC sites
  • providing easy access to standard website tools, e.g. Search and Directories
  • avoiding duplication of cost and effort in developing UBC websites

How to Adopt the CLF in the Faculty of Medicine

  • Send a request to Communications with “CLF template request” in the subject line, indicating that you want Communications to begin the process of applying the CLF to your website.
  • There are various colour schemes that UBC has made available for the websites. The Faculty of Medicine is requesting that you use “Option 1: UBC Blue 1” to maintain consistency with the Faculty’s website.  
  • We also are requesting that the words “Faculty of Medicine” appear in the centre of the header, with your unit’s name appearing in the upper-right corner, in accordance with recommendations from UBC Communications & Marketing. (The template will likely be provided in that format.)
  • Any units wishing to deviate from either of these requests should contact Communications.

For Units whose Websites are Serviced by an External Consultant

  • Your website manager must obtain the CLF template from UBC Communications & Marketing.
  • UBC staff and faculty who are responsible for the production of a UBC website can register to receive the UBC CLF files by visiting the Communications & Marketing CLF registration form. CLF materials may be shared with consultants, agencies and similar vendors who are under contract to the university, but the request must be submitted by a UBC faculty or staff member.
  • The latest version of the CLF consists of files that are distributed for local use, in conjunction with files that are stored centrally by the university. As the CLF is an on-going initiative that will continue to evolve over the years, all units filling out the CLF registration form must provide contact details to ensure that information about the CLF can be properly communicated.
  • Please specify UBC Blue (#002859) as the colour code for your UBC Tagline Button.

Faculty of Medicine Website

The website for the Faculty of Medicine is located at and uses the UBC CLF.

The Communications Group serves as the business owner of the site, overseeing new web development projects, ensuring the common look and feel of the site, and interacting with MedIT and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) for technical support and development.

Website management utilizes a matrix system which loosely follows the organizational structure of the Faculty of Medicine, and requires timely and robust collaborations among site owners, content providers, technical support and end users.

Web Communications at UBC

The UBC Communications & Marketing team team plays an important role in the development of UBC's web presence by:
  • Providing leadership through responsibility for the main sites.
  • Participating in major campus initiatives to help plan for the continuing evolution of UBC's use of the web (e.g. web hosting, content management, collaboration on high profile UBC web initiatives).
  • Providing a basic level of support to all UBC websites, including Common Look and Feel (CLF) templates and some support resources for web maintenance issues. (More information about the UBC CLF is below.)
  • Providing leadership for ongoing website redesign and consultation. This includes the coordination of a Web Advisory Council comprised of web professionals across UBC.

Contact Information

Website Consultation: Email Communications.

New website requests: Email Communications.

Technical Difficulties: Contact the MedIT Service Desk | 1.877.266.0666.

WordPress Training: Visit or email Communications.

Domain Names: See our section on domain name guidelines.

Additional Resources: The World Wide Web Consortium is the primary resource for web standards and best practices. For more information on the web, visit the World Wide Web Consortium’s website