Media Releases

​​​A media release is a statement or story prepared for release to the news media.

How to request a media release

The Communications Group and the Public Affairs Senior Communications Officer work together to prepare proactive announcements and targeted pitches to the news media. These stories typically involve:

  • Federal, provincial funding announcements
  • Official building openings
  • Research / human interest stories in the university community

What is news?

We need your help identifying UBC newsworthy stories!  Here are some things to remember…

Most stories fall into 8 common news frames:

  • Conflict                           
  • Threat                             
  • Disaster                       
  • Victory
  • Discovery / Progress / Superlative
  • Money, Sex & Romance
  • Annual / Special Events
  • Human Interest / Trends

News Editor’s Checklist:  

  • Easy to understand          
  • Timely
  • Newsmaker’s availability
  • Newsmaker’s story telling ability
  • News angle? Local angle?         
  • Emotion, human element
  • Visuals

External Partner Relationships and the Media

News and announcements often involve one or several partners of the Faculty of Medicine. Partners can include, among others, the health authorities, Ministry of Health Services, Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market, fundraising partners and internal partners.

  • The Communications Group or the Public Affairs Senior Communications Coordinator establishes affiliations and recognitions among partners on a case-by-case basis.
  • UBC Government Relations answers questions on how to work with different levels of government. UBC Government Relations should also be advised of government involvement with the Faculty (e.g. visit from a Minister).
  • The Dean’s Office, Research Division, and Executive Associate Dean, Research, advise on how to recognize partnerships related to research.
  • The Dean’s Office, Development Team, advises on how to recognize fundraising partners/donors.

Live TV and Radio Capabilities

UBC Public Affairs can provide local, national and international broadcast outlets with live television and radio feeds from the UBC campus.​