Media Training

​​​​UBC Public Affairs and the Faculty of Medicine Communications Group can provide free, comprehensive media training designed to assist faculty and staff in becoming more effective in their interactions with print, radio, and broadcast reporters.

How to Request Training

Email Communications to request media training for your unit.

Faculty and staff asked for interviews (particularly for issues of a contentious nature) should be prepared for their interviews in advance by the Communications Group, who can help to develop and review key messages.

When a reporter calls...

The UBC Public Affairs website offers online resources and advice on speaking with the media for faculty and staff.  This site covers area such as:

The Dean's Office Communications team and the UBC Public Affairs Office are also available to help! 

Issues Management

The Dean must be kept advised of any positioning statements developed in response to issues that arise in the media. Individuals from the Faculty who are knowledgeable on the issue in question should also be consulted.

  • UBC Public Affairs advises on issues management, and should always be kept apprised.
  • UBC Legal Counsel should be consulted on all legal cases before releasing a statement.
  • Information can be provided by members of the Communications Group.