Photography & Design

Information about photography and design services for publications such as brochures, viewbooks, annual reports, promotional items, research posters or other material.

Need a photo?

Faculty of Medicine Photo Library

The Faculty of Medicine Photo Library is a database of photographs related to the Faculty and its research, programs and people. Photos are available to all units to support official Faculty print and electronic publications. If a third party organization has requested a photo (such as a reporter or a funding partner), please contact the Communications Group

UBC Photos

The Communications Group can also access the UBC Public Affairs Image Database on your behalf.  These photos include award-winning photographs that appear in UBC publications (i.e. UBC Reports, Annual Report). In order to provide this service Public Affairs has instituted a fee per photo to offset expenses incurred in commissioning the photo and delivering it in digital format to those requesting it. There is a $25 cost per photo fee which includes unlimited use by the purchaser. A photo credit to accompany the photo is required (e.g., ‘Photo by Martin Dee / UBC Public Affairs’).

For more information, email the Communications Group.

Free from this charge are media, external agencies that provide funding or honours/awards, government partners, UBC Public Affairs design clients and subjects of our photo shoots who request the photo for their personal use only.

Stock Photos

Stock photos purchased by the Communications Office are available on our Photo Library in the Miscellaneous folder.  If you can't find what you're looking for in the Photo Library, two online resources we recommend are:

  • iStock photos: Offers royalty free photos for a fee.
  • Clipart: Offers royalty free clipart backgrounds, buttons, photos, and illustrations by subscription.

Photo and Video Consent Forms

Consent is required for any photograph or video intended for use in any UBC publication meant for the purposes of marketing, recruitment or public relations, such as UBC websites, printed and electronic newsletters, brochures, viewbooks, promotional items, third-party websites or other material.

There are two forms available: the Consent to Use of Image form for unpaid subjects, and the Consent and Release for Models form for paid models, or performers, or where permanent control of the image is necessary.

Find details, instructions and copies of the forms​.

Looking for a Photographer?

UBC Public Affairs has a professional photographer who charges reduced rates for photo shoots on campus (Point Grey). Click here for more information on UBC Public Affairs photography services.

Looking for Design Services?

  • Signals is a local communications and design firm. They design the UBC Medicine magazine.
  • UBC IT Creative Media (formally known as the Media Group) offers creative services including print, graphic design and medical illustration. They can also assist in producing quality conference and research posters - see Guidelines.