Email Signature

​Templates and instructions for your email signature.


The UBC Brand Email Signature is designed to reinforce the university’s identity and to deliver consistency across university faculties, departments and offices to our internal and external audiences.

Every day UBC faculty and staff send thousands of email messages to colleagues, students and external organizations. How our university is represented in these digital communications is important. For that reason email signature templates have been created for UBC faculty and staff use.

How to set up your signature:

Email Signature Generator: Create your own UBC signature by entering your contact information into this form. Instructions for adding the signature to your email program are included.


For more information, visit the UBC Brand website.

Handwritten Signatures

Due to privacy and security concerns, we recommend not using scanned images of handwritten signatures in email signatures and other materials. More information and precautions for the use of scanned handwritten signatures are available here.