Research Posters

The UBC poster template is available to create posters for events, activities and other informational or promotional purposes. 

Research Poster Template

Simply add your text, images and graphs into these templates to create a professional research poster. 

The templates are built to the most common poster sizes, are available in horizontal and vertical format, and can be adjusted in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Download a UBC poster template from the UBC brand website.

Research Poster Bar

This on-brand poster bar has been created for the most common poster size (48 x 36"), but please check that you are following the specific poster size requirements of the event you are presenting at. 

The research poster bar is available for use with design programs, such as Adobe InDesign, and desktop publishing programs, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Download a UBC Research Poster Bar template from the UBC brand website.

Please ensure the "Faculty of Medicine" appears in text on the poster or the Faculty of Medicine basic signature is used.