Publication Bar

The UBC publications bar has been adopted to establish a familiar brand identity for UBC publications, including Faculty of Medicine publications. The modular design allows diverse UBC publications to share a family resemblance while still maintaining the individual style of each publication. When used consistently for all major UBC publications, the bar will contribute to the creation of an integrated identity.

How to use the publication bar

The UBC publications bar applied to the top or bottom of a publication’s front cover where it discreetly provides visual consistency among the university’s publications. The UBC publications bar is used only in standard sizes always at a standard depth of 1", 11/4", 2", 3", and 4". The width can be extended to fit the publication size.

publication bar.fw.png
Remember, either the "Faculty of Medicine" should appear in text on the front or back cover of the publication, and/or the Faculty of Medicine basic signature should be used (see the back cover of the UBC Medicine magazine for an illustration of this).

Please keep the elements of the publication bar clean. Include your unit name elsewhere on the cover rather than in the publication bar.

Contact a member of the Communications Group for details.

Download the publication bar

Publication bar files are available for download here.

Reproduction files are available in ten standard colour variations for scaling proportionally. Reproduction files are available for download as both native files in Illustrator CS3 and for placement as PDF, EPS, PNG and GIF formats.