City Square


City Square
555 West 12 Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 3X7
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Building Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 5:30AM to 11:30PM
Please direct any enquiries to the City Square Administration Office at 604-876-5181.

Fire Drills

Follow the instructions of the floor warden and evacuate the building via the exit stairwells.  Proceed to the assembly area on the southwest corner of Cambie & West 10th Ave (east exits) or on the southeast corner of Ash Street & West 10th (west exits).

Floor Plan

For information on floor plans please contact the Project Coordinator (604-827-2216).


  • Clinical Partnerships & Professionalism
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Faculty Development
  • Finance
  • MD Postgraduate Program

Safety & Maintenance

For requests and general information regarding maintenance, please contact the City Square Administration office at 604-876-5181.

Site Plan

City Square site plan        

Wayfinding & Parking

The two entrances to the parkade are on Cambie Street and Ash Street.  Hours of operation are 5:30AM to 11:30PM daily.