David Strangway Building


David Strangway Building
5950 University Boulevard 
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3


Building Hours:
Monday:        0630 - 2200
Tuesday:      0630 - 2200
Wednesday: 0630 - 2200
Thursday:     0615 - 2030
Friday:           0630-2200
Saturday:      0630 - 1930
Sunday & Holidays: CLOSED

Please direct any enquiries to the Administrator 604-827-4169. 

Fire Drills

Evacuate the building and proceed to your emergency meeting location so that a head count can be taken (find out the location of your predetermined area before a fire occurs). 

Floor Plan

For information on floor plans please contact the Project Coordinator​ (604-827-2216).

Safety & Maintenance

For requests and general information regarding maintenance please contact the Facilities Manager 604-822-0072. 

UBC Wayfinding & Parking

The David Strangway Building is located on the south side of University Boulevard adjacent to the intersection of Wesbrook Mall and University Boulevard. See UBC Wayfinding​​ for details.