Friedman Building


Friedman Building
2177 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3


Building Hours:
Monday to Friday:  0730 - 1800
Weekends & Holidays: CLOSED

Please direct any enquiries to the departmental Facilities Coordinator (604-822-7766).

Fire Drills

Evacuate the building and proceed to your emergency meeting location so that a head count can be taken (find out the location of your predetermined area before a fire occurs).  

Floor Plan

For information on floor plans please contact the Project Coordinator​ (604-827-2216).

Meeting Rooms

To access the meeting room 237 all visitors will need to enter the Friedman building via the main entrance located on the north side (next to the parking lot behind Shoppers Drugmart).  Visitors should then head to the main office reception located at the east end of the second floor, the receptionist will then be happy to direct you to the meeting room.  

Find a UBC Faculty of Medicine meeting room.

Safety & Maintenance

For requests and general information regarding maintenance please contact the IT and Facilities Coordinator 604-822-7766,

UBC Wayfinding & Parking

See UBC Wayfinding​​​ for details