Opening Non-Research PGs

How to open a non-research PG account.

Aside from research funding, the Faculty also receives non-research funding like donations. 

Request Form

To create an account to track funding and expenses related to the non-research funds, departments/schools/centres/units need to complete a Non-Research Chartfield Request Form for submission to Research and Trust Accounting (RTA). 

​As the University will not longer be creating fee-for-service (FFS) accounts and unrestricted specific-purpose funds (SPF), non-research funds are presumed to be unrestricted and will be set up as general purpose funds (GPO), unless written proof of restriction can be provided in which case restricted SPFs may be created.

Creation of research PGs are handled by the University’s Office of Research Service or University Industry Liaison Office.  Application for research PGs and other resources can be found on the Office of Research Services website.