Financial Reports

An overview of financial reports available on the FMS portal.

Financial reports like month-end reports, over-under reports, endowment reports, and Tri-Council reports are available on the Financial Management Systems (FMS) Portal. FMS web access and ledger access are required to access the financial reports.

Month-end Reports include:

  • Faculty, Departmental Roll-up Reports (By Account or By Fund)
  • PG Statements of Budgets/Revenues and Expenses
  • Detailed Reports of Transactions
  • Statement of Salaries and Wages
  • Salary Commitments
  • Other Budget Reports

Over-under Reports

  • Are particularly important during year-end when departments/schools/centres/units need to clean-up their accounts and require updated account balances.

Endowment Reports

  • Show information like capital, stabilization, market value, spending balances of endowments at points in time during the year.

Tri-Council Reports

  • Provide easy access to financial statements requiring Principal Investigators’ (PI) signatures for submission to Tri-Council agencies.