UBC Financial Management Systems (FMS) Portal

​How to access UBC's FMS portal.

FMS Portal Access

The first step to accessing UBC financial systems (FMSNQuery, Cash Receipts, etc.) and reports is to request for access to the PeopleSoft Financial Management Systems (FMS) Portal.   

To apply for access an individual must have a CWL (Campus-Wide Log-in) ID, and then submit a completed Access Applica​tion Form to

FMS Ledger Access

​Once FMS access is obtained, FMS ledger access can be requested from the department/school/centre/unit web security administrator.  Ledger access to PGs will be granted with proper approval from the PG managers.

Web security administrators can also update signing authorities per PG or via a mass update.  More information on this can be found in the documentation available on FMSNQuery/Update Zone. 

For department/school/centre/unit to designate a security administrator, the Security Ad​ministrator Application Form must be completed, authorized, and submitted to

FMS Online Access

Departments/schools/centres/units interested in entering financial transactions directly into FMS systems without sending any source documents to Financial Services may be able to do so after completing the Finance Certification process and after acquiring approval from MedFinance. 

Login to FMS

Click here to login to FMS.