Faculty of Medicine Finance Training

Training materials & presentations for the Faculty of Medicine Administrators training (December 2012)


 Day 1 Morning - Overview
FoM Dean's Office - A Look Inside​ Presentation slides on A Look Inside the Dean's Office​
FoM Governance Overview ​Presentation slides on Faculty of Medicine Governance Overview


Day 1 Afternoon - Financial Responsibilities & Payment and Procurement Services
Responsibilities and Policies Presentation slides on introduction to the Medicine Training Session​​
Responsibilities and Policies - Key Notes Summary of key points of selected policies and procedures​
Responsibilities and Policies - Cash Handling​ Spreadsheet of the key points to cash handling responsibilities​
How to Procure to Pay Presentation slides on payment and procurement methods​
PPS Overview Presentation slides on Payment and Procurement Services overview​


Day 2 Morning - Treasury & Finance
Treasury​ (document no longer valid, link removed) Presentation slides on an overview of Treasury and its functions​
Budgeting & Planning​ Presentation slides on the UBC budgeting methodology, the 10 year faculty plan, the operating report for Executive, and Hyperion​
Endowment, Revenue Accounting, & Reporting​ Presentation slides on Endowment Accounting, Revenue Accounting, External Reporting, Budget Reporting and Internal Reporting​
Recruitment Resources Presentation slides on faculty recruitment, compensation and benefits​


Day 2 Afternoon - Research & Development​ ​
Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Presentation slides on CFI overview​
University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO) Presentation slides on UILO overview​
Office of Research Services (ORS) Presentation slides on ORS overview​
Research and Trust Accounting (RTA) Presentation slides on RTA overview, Research & Specific Funds, applicable UBC policies, and granting agency policies and guidelines​
MedResearch Presentation slides on MedResearch project and grant development overview and requirements​
Advancement Services Presentation slides on Advancement Services fundraising process​
Development Office Presentation slides on the Faculty of Medicine Development & Alumni Relations, and Endowment management​
Donor Bill of Rights Document outlining A Donor Bill of Rights​
Policy Draft guideline for the treatment of waived compensation payments and volunteer services​
Policy 97 UBC Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment​
Policy 114 UBC Policy on Donations​
Policy 119 UBC Policy on Cash Handling​


Day 3 Morning - Risk & Control
Internal Audit Overview Presentation slides on Internal Audit overview​
Internal Audit - Fraud Internal Controls Presentation slides on fraud prevention and detection​
Information Security Best Practices Presentation slides on Information Security by UBC IT Services, Information Security Management​
Risks and Controls Presentation slides on Financial Risks and Controls​
Risk Case Study Training case study used for discussion on risks and controls​


Day 3 Afternoon - Human Resources
Presentation slides on Faculty Relations​
How to Pay Employees Presentation slides on how to pay employees​