IM Configuration Guide

Follow these instructions to configure Pidgin and connect to the Faculty of Medicine's Instant Messaging (IM) service--also known as Jabber.
Before you begin the step-by-step guide below, download the Pidgin software directly from the website.

Important Notes

This guide assumes that:
  • You have an internet connection already present; and
  • The Pidgin software has been successfully installed

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open Pidgin.
2. Click Accounts and then click on Manage Accounts.
IM Guide Image 1.jpg

3. Click on the Add button in the Accounts window.
IM guide image 2.jpg
4. In the Add Account window, select the following:
a. Protocol: XMPP
b. Username: Enter your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) username (e.g. jsmith)
c. Domain:
d. Password: Enter your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) password.
e. Check Remember password
f. Local alias: Enter your first and last name (e.g. John Smith)
IM guide image 3.jpg

5. Click on the Add button in the Add Account window.
6. Click on the Close button in the Accounts window.
You should now be able to view the contacts associated with your account in the Buddy List window.
If you require further assistance please contact the MedIT Service Desk (1.866.266.0666).