New VC Bridge

The New VC Bridge will be replacing the existing FoM Bridge by October 27, 2017, as the existing bridge is reaching end of life.  For more information on the replacement of the FoM Bridge, visit our MedNet page.

This new bridge is produced by a different vendor than the previous one, and therefore it does have some different features, e.g. the layout on the screen, name/site labels, meeting ending reminder. The benefits of the new bridge are greater stability, and higher video quality.

I am attending a meeting / teaching session hosted on the New VC Bridge

You will notice a few changes to the meeting appearance. Please review the layout guide to familiarize yourself in advance.

Some users may be invited to connect via the Web Browser, if they are in a location where no VC room is available. Use a Web Browser to videoconference.

I am organizing / facilitating a meeting / teaching session hosted on the New VC Bridge

If you organize an existing scheduled VC meeting / teaching session, the Next Gen VC team will be in touch with you when your migration is coming up. You will receive lots of materials from the team for you and your participants to refer to.

If you are organizing a new VC meeting / teaching session on the New Bridge, please direct participants to the layout guide to familiarize themselves beforehand. Make sure that you review the Facilitator Guide in advance of your first meeting.

If you have already experienced the new VC bridge and would like to provide further feedback or get additional assistance, please select and fill out one of our feedback forms below:

1. Administrative Meeting Feedback

2. Academic/Rounds/Curriculum Meeting Feedback

VC Bridge Layout

The New VC Bridge has a different layout to the previous Bridge, as well as some different features.

Download the New Bridge Layout guide (PDF)

Facilitator Guide

Download a printable Facilitator Guide (PDF), complete with support tips and etiquette best practices.

If you are facilitating a meeting on the New VC Bridge, you may find the following FAQs helpful:


​I’m not able to see my own video view (“self-view”)

​Ask other participants if they can see you.

Enable "self-
view" by referring to the blue booklet in your VC room. Instructions on how to adjust your camera for self view are found in the "adjust your camera" section. 

All blue booklet guides can be downloaded in PDF form here.

​I accidently disconnected from the VC meeting

​Call the MedIT Service Desk at 1.877.266.0666 to be reconnected.

​Only the person speaking (“ active speaker”) has a name label

​Conduct a “roll-call” so that you can see everyone’s name label in turn and ensure all participants are present.

​My meeting has more than seven participants. I can’t see them all!

​Make sure you conduct a "roll-call" at the beginning of the meeting. Each participant will move into the large box when they speak, so you can see them in turn.

Remind participants that they will need to "un-mute" and speak in order to move to the large speaker box if they want to ask a question.

​There are no reminders before the end of the meeting

​Set a timer, or nominate a timekeeper to help.