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The Web Browser (https://meet.vc.ubc.ca) enables you to connect to a scheduled Faculty of Medicine (FoM) Videoconference (VC) Session from your laptop or desktop computer. In order to use the Web Browser, you will need a stable, high-speed internet connection, a computer that meets the technical requirements, a webcam, and headset with microphone.

How to Connect to a FoM VC Session using the Web Browser:

  1. If connecting for the first time, complete the steps below (How to Prepare for a VC Session Using the Web Browser)
  2. Go to https://meet.vc.ubc.ca using Google Chrome.
  3. In the "Person or Conference to call" field, enter the five digit conference ID (e.g. 82950), and enter your name in the "Your name" field.
  4. Click "Connect" and follow the on screen prompts. If you would like to join as a participant without video or audio, you must first join the meeting. Do not mute your Video or Audio until after you have joined the meeting.

How to Prepare for a FoM VC Session using the Web Browser:

  1. Connect with a laptop or desktop computer. Do not connect by cell phone, tablet or iPad.
  2. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection. Where possible, use a wired internet connection (Ethernet) cable and disable Wi-Fi for the VC Session*
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of a supported Web Browser*.
  4. Use a headset with an incorporated microphone for the best audio quality for yourself, and other participants
    Tip: Connect the headset to your computer before you connect to your session*.
  5. Disconnect any Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) you have running.
  6. Make a Test Call: Go to https://meet.vc.ubc.ca. In the "Person or Conference to call" field, enter test@vc.ubc.ca and your name in the "Your name" field.
  7. Click "Connect" and follow the on screen prompts. If you would like to join as a participant without video or audio, you must first join the meeting. Do not mute your Video or Audio until after you have joined the meeting.
  8. If you experience any issues during the test call, or VC event, call the MedIT Service Desk at 1.877.266.0666 - option #2

 * = see user guides for detailed instructions

Click on the User Guides below for detailed instructions on how to join a VC Session Via Web Browser:

Supported Web Browsers

ApplicationOperating SystemUser Guide
Chrome​Microsoft Windows 7/8/10Chrome User Guide for Windows
​Chrome​Apple Mac OS X 10.9/10.10Chrome User Guide for Mac

Unsupported Web Browsers

​ApplicationOperating SystemUser Guide
Firefox​Microsoft Windows 7/8/10Firefox User Guide for Windows
Safari​Apple Mac OS X 10.9/10.10Safari User Guide for Mac

Comparison of features across all browsers

What to expect in the Web Browser:

The Web Browser layout will have the following appearance, and features:

Common Questions When Using the Web Browser

​Q: Can I attend a Web Browser meeting on my phone / tablet? ​A: It is technically possible to do so, however MedIT does not support those devices.
​Q: Can I use the Web Browser on Wi-Fi from Health Authority (non-UBC) sites?
A: We have run tests at all major Health Authority sites. Some do have different Wi-Fi firewall settings to UBC. We strongly encourage users in those sites to run a test call from the same physical location as they intend to use, and call the MedIT Service desk in advance of the meeting if they experience any issues.
Q: How do I know what headset / camera / microphone to use? Where can I get one if I don't have one?
A: A list of recommended cameras, and headsets with microphones is provided here (under "Peripherals"). If you are not provided with a headset/camera by your department then you may use your own, however MedIT is only able to provide support to UBC devices and hardware.
Q: Why do I need to disable my Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use the Web Browser?
​A: Using a VPN gives you an additional layer of security when you access a specific network. This secure network may interfere with accessing the video and audio streams of the conference. You must therefore disconnect from any VPN connections before using desktop VC.
Q: Do I need a web cam to participate in a Web Browser session?

A: If you don't have a web cam, you can still connect via the Web Browser. You will be connected via audio-only, where you will still have be able to see the video feed from other participants, access chat, see the participant list and be able to see and share content.

Q: How do I know who else is in the VC Session?
A: The web browser participant list (on the left hand side) shows all participants in the call, including VC room, Web Browser, and phone participants.
​Q: Who can see my message / question in the Web Browser chat window?

​A: Only other Web Browser participants can see messages or questions in the Web Browser chat box.

If the Instructor/Facilitator is participating from a physical VC room they cannot not see your question in the chat room. Un-mute, introduce yourself and let them know you have a question.

​Need Help? - MedIT Service Desk - 1.877.266.0666 / medit.servicedesk@ubc.ca