Getting Help

​​​​​How can we help you? You can contact the MedIT Service Desk by phone (1.877.266.0666) or email.

The MedIT Service Desk is a single point of contact for all service requests and inquiries.  

Contact Us | 1.877.266.0666

8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
Videoconferencing support: 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday

You can contact the MedIT Service Desk for:​

  • Acquiring new applications and programs (e.g. Adobe Pro or Microsoft Office)
  • Getting new equipment (e.g. ordering a headset or webcam)
  • Configuring your devices and software (e.g. Pigeon Instant Messaging)
  • Information about devise and data security
  • Inquiring about training (e.g. Videoconference training)
  • IT support for Faculty of Medicine services and equipment (e.g. logging on to your computer or email)
  • Moving offices or equipment
  • Questions and concerns about outages
  • File server and storage options

Not sure if we’re the right people to ask? Ask us anyway! 

Who We Support

MedIT services can be found wherever the Faculty of Medicine is located; including 4 University Academic Campuses, 11 Clinical Academic campuses, 17 Affiliated Regional Centres and 65+ Community Education Facilities/Rural and Remote Distributed Sites.
MedIT is the elective IT service provider for the Faculty of Medicine and provides support to the following types of customers:


The administration of the Faculty is complex and is built on intricate partnerships. It requires central solutions with distributed control. We provide a standard suite of enterprise applications (e.g., one45; Resident Management System) and appropriate network infrastructure to sustainably support our activities across the province. We also provide essential tools for collaboration (e.g. Intranet, web conferencing) and secure protection (e.g. Cisco VPN, Sophos Antivirus software) for the critical information we exchange.


MedIT manages one of the most sophisticated videoconferencing systems in Canadian higher education. This system supports the Faculty's goal to deliver innovative health education programs that are responsive to the needs of our communities. We also use our technological insight to develop new approaches to enabling learning in undeserved regions (e.g., online access to recorded lectures and student assessments).


Faculty of Medicine researchers annually attract more than half of UBC's funding for research. Their focus on research excellence finds them at world-renowned centres and institutes, often residing within health authority jurisdiction. MedIT works with UBC's Advanced Research Computing, and our health authority partners to provide researchers with adequate storage, secure virtual private networks for access to data, and advice on high performance computing.