Requisitions & Purchase Orders

Protocols and forms for p-cards, purchase requisitions and purchase orders. P-Card The UBC Purchase Card (PCard) is a ScotiaBank Visa┬« corporate credit card that allows individuals to purchase UBC business-related items valued at $3,500 or less from any supplier that accepts Visa┬«. The PCard can be used for all goods and services except travel, entertainment and other restrictions. The PCard allows individuals to make purchases without encumbering their own personal funds or incurring personal liability, ensures timely payment to suppliers and eliminates costly administrative processes. The PCard is NOT to be used for personal purchases. Applications To apply please submit an application form to UBC Supply Management. Contact For more information please see the UBC Supply Management PCard mini site. Purchase Requisition Form The Requisition for Payment Form (Q-Requisition) is used for payments of less than $3,500.01. It should not be used for supplies, materials, purchased services or other items which University policy requires to be ordered through Supply Management and/or its supplier direct programs. Purchase Exemption Form Exemptions included in the Purchase Order Exemption List will allow a Q-Req, with proper authorization and support, to be used to process payments over $3,500. A Requisition for Payment Exemption Justification Form must be completed and attached to each Q-Req over $3,500.  Purchasing Protocols Purchases under $3,500 For purchases up to $3,500.00 in value, departments are directed to use Supply Management's UBC Purchase Card (PCard). If you do not have a Pcard, or the vendor does not accept Visa, payment can be made by completing a UBC Requisition for Payment (Qreq).  Purchases between $3,500 - $75,000 A Purchase Order (PO) is required for all purchases between $3,500 - $75,000. Department completes and forwards a Purchase Requisition Form (PR Form) to Supply Management. A valid quote must accompany the purchase requisition. Within this dollar value range Supply Management buyers have discretionary authority to waive the tender process, provided that they are reasonably satisfied that the University is receiving good value. For information on standard UBC Purchase Order terms and conditions click here. For purchases over $75,000, see Strategic Sourcing.