​​​Find frequently asked questions about the Hardware and Software Order Form​.

​What’s changing?

Previously, requests for computer equipment and software were submitted to the MedIT Service Desk through a PDF form. The MedIT Service Desk would then manage each order’s assessment, approvals, procurement and installation. The PDF form is being replaced by an online form that will automate each order’s workflow and processing.

Why is it changing?

The orders were managed by the MedIT Service Desk and Purchasing and typically required extensive manual coordination. The new form will automate the workflow.

What are the benefits?

The new online form and automated workflow ​will improve efficiency, provide consistent and predictable processing, and streamline communications.

What can I order through the form?

You can order laptops, docking st​ations, desktops, monitors, mobile devices, headsets, webcams, accessories, and software. 

Visit the Equipment page to view the standardized computer equipment.​

I am ordering a mobile phone. How do I set up the voice and data?

The voice and data is set up separately in accordance with the Faculty’s Voice and Data Usage Policy. Please complete the Employee Acknowledgement & Cost Centre Approval Form​ and submit it to Finance.​

​How are orders assessed?

The evaluation criteria for standard and custom orders depend on the nature of the request, whether the system is upgradable, and the age of the hardware.​

Who can authorize my order?

Your manager and the PG manager of the speedchart will need to authorize your order. If you are unsure who is your PG manager, please contact your manager. If the incorrect PG manager is identified on your form, the order will be cancelled.

My manager is away on vacation. Will my order still get processed?

It is your responsibility to ensure you specify an available signing authority for the speedchart. If your manager is out of the office and unable to approve your order, please specify another available signing authority for the speedchart.​

What happens if my order is declined?

The order will be cancelled if a designated approver declines it. You will need to start a new form if you would like to request an alternate item. Contact your manager or the MedIT Service Desk to see if there are alternative options.

How often is computer equipment replaced?

Our standard equipment warranty is three years, so we can generally replace equipment under warranty from the vendor within the first three years. If the equipment is three to five years old, it undergoes an assessment to determine feasibility of repair. Based on past experience, equipment that is older than four to five years is usually replaced rather than repaired.

Why is my order undergoing an assessment?

Custom orders and orders to replace equipment that is less than three years old will undergo an assessment to ensure cost effectiveness.

I received an automated email requesting my approval for an order. What do I do?

  1. Click the link in the email to view the order.
  2. Review the order.
  3. Click the “Approve” or “Reject” buttons at the bottom of the form. If applicable, you can also add comments.

When will I receive my order?

Please check the order status page linked from your confirmation email to see your order’s current status.

Why can’t I access the form?

You will need to login with your Faculty of Medicine (FOM) username (fom\username) and password to access the form. If you do not have a FOM username or have difficulties logging in, please contact the MedIT Service Desk at 1.877.266.0666 or medit.servicedes​​.