Health & Safety Teams

Find information about health and safety committees at UBC and the Life Sciences Centre.

About Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees at UBC

The BC Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Safety Regulations require that the UBC establish and support a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee structure. View general WorkSafeBC Health and Safety Committee Guidelines.

According to University Policy #SC1 – “University Safety” – every administrative unit must have a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Departments or Units may combine their committees where reasonable. These committees carry out the related responsibilities detailed in the Terms of Reference and make recommendations to management to ensure that the safety objectives of the University are being achieved. View UBC Policy #SC1 “University Safety”.

Local Health and Safety Teams at the Life Sciences Centre

The Health and Safety Team structure at the LSC follows a basic floor-by-floor model – with some practical exceptions – where floors / areas within the facility have their own Health and Safety Team. Each of these teams is populated by people who work on that particular floor / area. The overall role of these teams is to conduct health and safety team practices (according to Local Safety Team Terms of Reference) and implement LSC/UBC safety policies and procedures in their respective areas.

The LSC Safety Steering Team (SST) – populated by the chairperson of each Local Safety team (and other selected representatives) – is the safety oversight and safety policy-setting body at the LSC. This team deals with safety issues, polices and initiatives that affect the entire facility.

LSC Health and Safety Teams meet bi-monthly (every second month). The LSC Safety Steering Committee meets annually (at minimum) and on an as-needed basis.

For additional information about local Safety Teams at the Life Sciences Centre, please contact:

Pierre Tanguay
LSC Health and Safety Advisor